Join us for a cycling adventure in the beautiful rolling hills surrounding Prague... Nebraska!

This area is affectionately known as the Bohemian Alps. It was settled in the 1870’s by Czech immigrants from Bohemia. Nearly 150 years later and the Czech heritage is still alive and well. The 100 mile courses traverses Saunders and Butler counties’ gorgeous gravel and dirt roads.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Bohemian Values

Bohemian values are very similar to local pirate-code. We like to keep things simple. We have seven rules. If you can’t follow them don’t expect any leniency and don’t plan on coming back. That being said, have fun and na zdravĂ­!

1. Be Safe
-Stay to the right on hills and wear a helmet.
2. Don’t litter
-The Bohemian Alps are beautiful. Keep it that way.
3. Be a decent human-being
-You are guests in the Alps, be courteous to your hosts.
-Help other riders if you are able.
4. Pipe cleaners are gold
-Collect them at Czech-Points.
5. Don’t be late
-You’re expected to keep a 10 mph average.
6. Support yourself
-No outside help, except from local merchants along the route.
7. Finish strong
-But if you can’t, have your own bail-out option.
-You are responsible for you.

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