Join us for a cycling adventure in the beautiful rolling hills surrounding Prague... Nebraska!

This area is affectionately known as the Bohemian Alps. It was settled in the 1870’s by Czech immigrants from Bohemia. Nearly 150 years later and the Czech heritage is still alive and well. The 100 mile courses traverses Saunders and Butler counties’ gorgeous gravel and dirt roads.

Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 Registration

The 2019 Bohemian Sto Mil will be run on July 20 this year and registration for is open now!
To register, please send a postcard with your namehometowne-mail and category to:

Bohemian Sto Mil
2912 Garfield Street
Lincoln, NE 68502

We realize postcard entry is archaic, but we love receiving your cards. And honestly, sending in a post card will be the easiest part of completing the Sto Mil. 

Categories for 2019 are:
  • Open Men
  • Open Women
  • Single Speed Women
  • Single Speed Men

p.s. we will never use your email for marketing or anything other than sending you info about this year's event. 

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