Join us for a cycling adventure in the beautiful rolling hills surrounding Prague... Nebraska!

This area is affectionately known as the Bohemian Alps. It was settled in the 1870’s by Czech immigrants from Bohemia. Nearly 150 years later and the Czech heritage is still alive and well. The 100 mile courses traverses Saunders and Butler counties’ gorgeous gravel and dirt roads.

Race Info

What you need to know:
  • Sto mil = “one hundred miles” in Czech
  • The rolling green hills of this area reminded Czech immigrants of their homeland, thus the name
  • The Bohemian Sto MIl will start and finish at Czechland Lake outside of Prague, NE
  • Riders are required to be 100% self-supported
    • The route will 3 locations where riders can restock food and water
  • Categories: Open Men, Open Women, Single Speed Women, and Single Speed Men.
  • Postcard registration is required - but there is no registration fee
    • Include name, hometown, e-mail and category on your postcard, and send to:

      • Bohemian Sto Mil
      • 2912 Garfield Street
      • Lincoln, NE 68502

  • Cue sheets and GPX files will be e-mailed one week before the race - the course will not be marked in any way
  • The roads are open to normal traffic
  • After the ride Goldenrod Pastries and the Garbacz Family will be hosting eats and drinks at Czechland Lake!


  1. I would LOVE to ride this course but unfortunately won't be back until the very end of June. have fun!